A Nordic King

Chapter 56


“Well then I don’t have a lot of time to spare to do I?” I say, clutching my heart. “This old ticker might give out at any moment.”

She shakes her head in amusement and laughs. “You are such a dork; did you know that about yourself? From King Asshole to King Dork.”

I grab her arm. “How about King Fuck Your Brains Out?”

Before she can protest, I pull her out of the living room and up the stairs to my—our—bedroom.

I shut the door behind us, lock it, then proceed to get naked.

“Wow,” she says, watching as I strip, her eyes lingering on my cock, hard and ready to go. “You really are wasting no time.”

“Pretty spry for an old guy,” I say, motioning for her to take her clothes off. I’d do it myself, but I have a bad habit of tearing things, especially those pretty little blouses of hers.

“I think you just made a pun about an Offspring song and you have no idea,” she says, letting out a laugh.

“I have ideas. Get fucking naked.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

She steps out of her pants, throws off her shirt, in seconds flat, then slowly undoes her lace bra and panties, tossing them aside with flourish.

I take a good long minute to drink her all in.

Aurora has a beautiful body. Curvy hips, gorgeous tits, skin like cream. A body I know better than my own. I’ve touched and licked and tasted every part of her until her skin has imprinted on my heart. I can’t stop wanting her. I can’t believe my luck.

She gives me a sly little smile, her eyes dancing eagerly and then gets on the bed.

I follow, prowling over her until I’m between her lush legs and she’s staring up at me with those big brown eyes. I reach over and brush a strand of her silky hair off her face, cupping her jaw as I stare into her eyes. I feel like I can see her whole heart in them.

“I can’t believe you’re going to be my wife, my queen,” I manage to say, feeling as if I’m about to be sideswiped at any minute by today’s emotions.

She gazes at me through her long dark lashes, and I feel the heat in my chest intensify. Her usually saucy expression is softening, and her sudden tenderness is utterly disarming.

Then her trademark cheeky grin emerges, and she reaches down, her palm sliding flat along my stomach until she grips the edge of my cock, hard and rigid as a cement bar.

“Don’t forget the future mother of your children,” she says.

God, help me. The urge to come inside her already, to plant my seed, to give her a baby, is thoroughly intoxicating. With her hand gripped expertly around my cock, my eyes nearly roll back in my head.

“There’s no forgetting,” I manage to say, the raw lust and need starting to build inside me. My fingers press harder into her jaw as I lean in and kiss her, capturing her mouth against mine, my tongue dancing with hers, stoking the fire.

“Aksel,” she says against my mouth.

My name sounds so good but still, I have to tease her. “Is that the proper way to address me?”

“Is this what marriage is going to be like?”

“Only when you misbehave.”

“I’m hardly misbehaving now,” she says, squeezing my cock harder.


I unleash myself on her neck, licking and sucking just the way she likes it, until soft moans fall from her mouth. Music to my ears.

My fingers slip between her legs, slick and slippery.

“God, you’re so wet for me,” I whisper to her, my voice catching in my throat. “Can I make you wetter?”

“Yes,” she groans breathlessly as I slip my finger along her cunt, the sensation making me delirious with lust. She lets out a lengthy moan, her hands going to my shoulders, then to my hair, making fists.

“I want my cock to slide into you, just like this.” I add an extra finger and move them in together. “You want it harder, deeper? In this bed, I serve you.”

She groans, arching her back, her tits pushed up, her sweet, pink nipples tight and hard.

She’s yours, she’s yours.

This queen.

“Do you want my cock first?” I ask softly. “My tongue? How would you like me to fuck you?”

“Give me everything,” she says through another moan as I drive my fingers even deeper. “Lick me out.”

No fucking hesitation from me.

I move back and lower my head, pressing my face in between her legs, my tongue snaking out and licking up to her clit. “You taste so good, so sweet,” I murmur into her and she shudders from the vibrations. “I’ll never get enough of this.”

“Then we’ll have a good marriage,” she teases, until I suck her clit into my mouth, wet, warm, and she gives a sharp cry, calling out my name in such a way that I nearly come on the bed, right there and then.

I pull away, needing a breather, needing to control myself. Her eyes are half-closed, dazed, mouth open with her hair falling over her face.


“I want to fuck you from behind, my queen,” I tell her as I slip my arm under her back and flip her over on the bed so she’s on her stomach.

I position myself behind her ass, her soft, shapely legs between my thighs, my cock hot and inflexible in my hands. With one hand, I run my finger down the crack of her gorgeous bottom, so perfectly round, that I instinctively give it a smack with my palm.

I can’t help it.

“Sir, yes sir,” she murmurs.

I smack it again, hard—crack—the sound filling the room.

“You love your punishment,” I murmur and the moment she nods, I spank her again, this time getting both cheeks, turning them red.

She nods, makes a sweet little sound of urgency, and that alone makes me want to explode.

I take the moment to really tease her and run my thumb over her cunt, making it wet, then drag it up to her ass.

I slowly push it in her opening, tight and taboo.

We’ve never done this before but it’s about time I test the limit.

“God, I love what a Dirty Dane you are,” she says. Her voice is tense, trembling but still dripping with want.

I grin and push my thumb in further, feeling her asshole clench around it.

“Oh god,” she moans.

“You want the rest of me?”

She lets out a breathy laugh. “That’s not how you make babies, Aksel.”

She has a point.

I grab my cock at the base and steadily push it in between her legs, into her cunt, deep as I can go.

I groan as she envelops me, a tight velvet fist. The fact that her legs are closed together means I have the added friction from her thighs.

Fuck. I’m not going to last long.

She grips me from the inside out and I push in further, my breath shuddering.

I press my hand down on her shoulder for leverage, slowly pulling myself out, then back in, trying to find the rhythm without crushing her. My thighs are doing most of the work, shaking slightly, the muscles popping as I move faster and faster, my cock disappearing entirely inside her, the base shiny from her desire.

My hips circle and I shorten my thrusts, so I don’t slip out. She’s wet down to the middle of her thighs, and I want to stay inside her deep like this, tightly packed. It’s such a fucking squeeze that a sweat is breaking out at my temples, my muscles wound too tight.

Aurora is moaning something deep and desperate and loud.

For once we can be fucking loud.

No hiding.

“Do you want to come, my queen?” I whisper hoarsely. “Will you come on my cock?”

She’s groaning, whimpering for release. “Yes, yes.”

I love talking dirty with her.

I love how I can let myself out of the cage, a beast unleashed.

“I’m going to make you come,” I say roughly. “I’m going to make you come so fucking hard. Fuck you up so good.”

I move one hand down to her waist and grip her while the other squeezes in between her hips and the mattress until I reach her clit. It’s soaked and my finger slides over it with ease.

That’s all it takes.

Her body tenses and then starts to quake beneath me. She pulses around my cock, her clit throbbing under my finger. A sharp cry leaves her lips, then fades off into breathless little moans.

I come immediately after. There’s a rush along my spine until something at the base of me explodes. I grunt like an animal, thrusting deeper and deeper, the bed shaking, while the cum shoots hard into her.

I exhale loudly, my breath elsewhere, my heart thudding to a marching beat inside my head. I lean back on my thighs, absently run my hands over her bottom while I remember how to breathe. Then, when it doesn’t feel like I’m having a heart attack, when the sweat stops rolling off my brow, I gently pull out.

Leaning forward, I put my lips to her ear. “Did you like that, Goddess?”

She turns her head, her eyes closed and whimpers. “Yes. Yes, yes.”

I brush the hair off her face and kiss her cheek. Then place tiny, soft kisses on her neck, shoulder, down her spine, until I finally get off of her.

“Your Majesty,” I add.

“Your Majesty,” she says.

We take a few moments, lying next to each other, trying to bring our breath back into our bodies and calm our racing hearts.

I reach out and touch her damp forehead, pushing aside her hair.

“Today, I have never been so proud of you,” I tell her, my voice hoarse. “I hope you’re proud of yourself.”

She swallows, nods. “I think I am. I think…it’s finally starting to sink in. That it’s all in the open. That there’s no more hiding.”

“No more hiding.” I lean over and kiss her forehead, tasting the salt of her sweat. “No more hiding.”

“And you,” she says. “You don’t have to hide anymore.”

I sigh. “No. I mean…I do have to keep lying to the world about what happened with Helena and Nicklas.”

“But that’s the world and the world doesn’t matter. The people who do matter to you, the people who you love, they know the truth. And that’s all that matters. They know it and they still love you. You’re free Aksel. We’re both free.”

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